Mission Statement
Innovators in design combining integrity and stability with flexibility to reach the future today... pursuing excellence through a relationship-based business ethic... committed to the success of our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.
Firm Profile
The strength of SchenkelShultz Architecture is our commitment to our clients, the communities that we serve, design excellence and our core values. Over the course of the last ten years we have redefined our business model to enhance our capabilities in the market sectors of aviation, education and community specific design initiatives. Diversification within these markets through the addition of multi-modal transportation planning, aviation terminal planning, international education design and 21st century educational pedagogy are now strengths of the firm. We remain deeply rooted in our client relationships, as a foundation of our success and generously give our time and talent in support of the communities we serve.

Through our consolidation of resources and talent, focused specifically on our market sector strengths, we have successfully furthered the firm’s commitment to excellent design. We continue to look to the future strategically by standing firmly on the foundations that have continued to bring us gratifying and meaningful success.
Core Values
People - Respect for individuals; Growth and evolution of individuals; Balance of personal and professional life
Culture - Relationship-based moral and ethical integrity; Fun
Business - Business and financial success; Adaptability and change; Growth and evolution of the firm
Work - Design excellence; Service to clients and community