Jaqueline Bradley and Clarence Otis Family Boys & Girls Club

Orlando, FL

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida

The new Jaqueline Bradley and Clarence Otis Family Boys & Girls Club is designed to develop opportunities for children by providing resources to teach them liberal arts, technology and assist the students in achieving their future goals. The youth recreation facility includes a health and lifestyles room, youth/teen game room, teen career educational center, technology center, gymnasium and multi-purpose room with stage, art and music labs, art gallery, dance studio, reading areas, and a full demonstration/learning kitchen.


The site is located in one of the oldest residential neighborhoods just west of downtown Orlando, and will be part of a new community hub associated with the adjacent elementary school, an Early Childhood Learning Center and a Wellness Hub. To create a visual connection to the outdoors, the building is designed with open glass throughout, along with balconies and terraces.

Photography Credit: Ben Tanner Photography