Kaiserslautern High School

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

SchenkelShultz, partnered with local German architect Dorsch Gruppe, is providing 15% design for a new Kaiserslautern High School, which replaces the existing high school that is more than 55 years old. The school is organized around the 21st century concept of neighborhood learning hubs. These collaborative learning hubs are designed for multiple group learning opportunities and create an interactive, high-tech academic and social space. In the center of the learning hub is a “living wall” demonstration space that allows natural light into the hub, serves as an area for bio-technology learning and contains rain water leaders as a sustainable educational tool.


Linking together the learning hubs is the commons area, a dynamic space with a direct connection to the hubs, global information center, food service, gymnasium and outdoor learning spaces. The flexible space serves as a dining area during the day and can transform into a performance space for community events after-hours.

Photography Credit: Chad Baumer Photography


2013 Citation of Excellence Award

Learning By Design