Signature Executive Terminal and Hangar, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta, GA

Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight Support’s newest facility at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport encompasses three main program elements.  The FBO Executive Terminal includes an inviting public lobby, pilot’s lounge and private conference rooms.  The adjacent Sports Charter/VIP Terminal serves VIP clients and professional athletic teams, providing more secure, private access to those passengers.  The third element of this program is the Elite VIP facility, a stand-alone 8,000 SF terminal for commercial VIP travelers, particularly those who will be traveling internationally.  The Elite VIP facility includes TSA screening, a private lounge, individual suites and a separate garage for these passengers to utilize before being transported to their commercial flight on the other side of the airport.  The facility also includes space for US Customs and Border Protection, where these passengers can be screened upon their return to the United States, while maintaining an important level of privacy.