UCF Trevor Colbourn Hall

Orlando, FL

University of Central Florida

The new Trevor Colbourn Hall replaces one of the oldest buildings on the University of Central Florida’s campus with a modern office building that houses 23 University Departments and Programs. Designed to be highly efficient, the 3-story office building was constructed using tilt-wall.  The application of brick tile and metal panels in strategic locations provide definition to the facade and reflect the character of the neighboring buildings on campus.  To maximize the amount of offices in the building, SchenkelShultz designed a series of large office suites on each floor.  The suites were designed around light corridors and open office areas, which bring day-lighting into most office spaces, including those not located along the exterior walls.  Additionally, the circulation spine of the building features a series of collaboration zones to encourage informal idea-sharing.

Photography Credit: JL Photo-graphic


LEED® Gold Certified