Upper School Center for Innovation and Academics

Lake Highland Preparatory School

Orlando, Florida

Lake Highland Preparatory School is a private school seeking to elevate their K-12 curriculum and campus to support an applied-learning pedagogy. Following a campus master plan study and charrettes with students, administration and faculty, SchenkelShultz designed an Center for Innovation and Academics which puts a suite of open source programs at the heart of the project to equip the Upper School for possibilities to explore, share and idea-generate beyond the classroom.
The new Upper School building unifies and enhances the academic program, fosters interdisciplinary learning and collaboration, and optimizes engagement with the campus’ most desirable natural feature, Lake Highland. By establishing a new arrival to the campus with a modern interpretation of the traditional Georgian style, the building reflects a paradigm shift reinforced by the bold and progressive curriculum taking place inside.
One of those bold programs is the Innovation Institute, which is composed of a series of specialized labs, learning studios, robotics/maker spaces and shared spaces to foster the engagement, entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity that are integral to student success. Additionally, a new media center will have a learning stair that weaves together teamwork and socialization with needed circulation space that overlooks an exterior patio and Lake Highland.