Wekiva Elementary School

Longwood, FL

Seminole County Public Schools

Wekiva Elementary School’s 38-year old campus required significant improvements to modernize the school for the 21st century. This 64, 417 SF multi-phased remodel project updated the open pod classroom building by providing permanent walls between classrooms, improved circulation and upgraded the HVAC system, lighting and finishes. The classrooms were remodeled with new moveable furniture and pin-up walls to encourage group projects and discussion. The corridors were redesigned to include a break-out space with seating to bring learning both inside and outside the classroom walls. The design also created a prominent entrance to the school with a new canopy, sidewalk and gathering area.


One of the unique spaces is the new technology-rich, collaborative media center. The design transformed a traditional media center into a 21st century space with flexible furniture, a flat-screen teaching wall, computer testing area, story-time area and student niches for individual quiet reading.

Photography Credit: Chad Baumer Photography